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Old School RVs Keep People Comfortable

Travel and Leisure | Posted by Screenprint Sal
Sep 26 2015

If you think that the golden age of antiquing – when collectors could descend from their grandparents’ attics or walk out of a neighborhood garage sale with an undiscovered treasure in hand has long since passed, take heart. Vintage recreational vehicles and old-fashioned camping gear provide abundant opportunities for collectors in search of a new niche. Articles of nostalgia may be found in every part of the country, priced low or even offered “free for the taking.” These RV’s, trailers, camp furniture, and other items may not be around for long, though – not because they’re being snatched up, but, as David Woodworth, of Tehachapi, Calif., says, because “they’re all being thrown away.”

Setting Up Camp

Woodworth, with 30 pre-1937 RV’s in his possession, has the world’s largest collection of antique camping vehicles. His odyssey into the world of “auto camping” began 18 years ago when he first took his two young daughters on short