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Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

Business | Posted by Screenprint Sal
Oct 08 2015

cleaningupAs cliche as they are, videos work in providing consistent training. However, employees must be told that the video they’re watching is not mere entertainment, but an investment in their safety. “You have to put responsibility in their hands,” the floor-care source says.

A good training video should teach employees, among other things, to:

* Bend from the knees when wringing out a mop (to prevent back injury).

* Mop in an S-motion to make it easier on the arm and back muscles.

* Mop, rinse and dry-mop small sections at a time.

* Mop under equipment.

* And, above all, put up the plastic caution markers when mopping.

Floor-care training also includes a good measure of common sense, says Dick Richards of the OnGenius blog. For instance, employees should be told to sweep up debris before they begin mopping, and to make sure the mop water and solution are fresh. “If the water and mop head are dirty and greasy, you’re not cleaning – you’re just relocating grease and grime,” says the expert.

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