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T-Shirts Are Still Making A Killing, Without A Doubt

Business | Posted by Screenprint Sal
Oct 25 2015

Even though the “anything goes” approach to fashion will continue into next summer, retailers can still zero in on a few key items.

Summer is the time to stock up on cute little dresses, swimsuits and the ubiquitous T-shirt. Rather than looking to a few styles to guide this market’s trends, buyers can invest in items. Nothing better reflects the strategy than the fitted T-shirt. Although specialty and department stores have picked up on it, there’s no sign the trend is letting up, especially with more start-up companies coming on board. The success of the pioneer companies has been so great, the T-shirt zoomed right through the trend stage and into lifestyle or cultural phenomenon.

“The way women wear T-shirts isn’t the same as 10 years ago. How they wear them, say with a suit, might be a trend. But the T-shirt itself isn’t a trend, it’s secured a place in fashion now,” said Mitzi