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What’s 31 Feet, Has Wheels And Eats Gas?

Travel and Leisure | Posted by Screenprint Sal
Oct 03 2015

Seven years ago, when someone first suggested that my family and I embark on a recreational-vehicle vacation, I laughed. RVs, after all, were for footloose retirees, not for young families. And who wanted to travel like a turtle, carrying their home with them? That I’d never tried it and had based my reaction solely on misconceptions nearly prevented me from discovering one of the best-kept secrets in the world of great vacations. Fortunately, my husband, son, and two daughters had the good sense to embrace the idea with unbridled enthusiasm – so off we went.

effigyToday, our five-some has traveled some 25,000 miles through 32 states in search of America. We’ve rolled along back roads and superhighways, taken in nature, history, sports, and adventure. And we have found exactly what we were looking for in the likeliest and the least expected of places. More than anywhere else, our journey through the Midwest in a borrowed,