How to Give a Relaxing Massage Therapy

After everything you do every day, it is a no surprise that your mind and body crave a tension-releasing, healing and relaxing massage therapy in order to help you feel relaxed and wind down. As a matter of fact, you just sometimes want somebody to work out the crick in your neck or knot in your back – something your loved one may request from you every now and then.  

Having said that, you can give a therapeutic, at-home massage which provides a lot of health benefits of massage such as reducing stress and easing pain, while creating an intimate time between you as well as your partner at the same time. Enjoying this procedure together allows you to reconnect through touch in a soothing and relaxing private setting. The following are some of the key guidelines or tips on how to do a relaxing massage therapy:  


1. Set a Soothing Environment 

It is very important for you to make a setting which is conducive to relaxation. Try the overhead lights off, lighting candles instead and closing the blinds. You may also want to play soft music and burn some incense. Both you and your loved one should set your mobile phones into silent mode and any distracting gadgets. 

2. Improve Your Touch with the Use Massage Oils 

Although it might seem not important, using a massage oil decreases friction so that your hands can simply glide over your partner’s skin and give a more pleasurable and smoother feel. Oils like sunflower, grapeseed or almond all spread easily and moisturize your partner’s skin without making it a bit greasy. Aside from that, you may use olive oil as well. Just make sure that you rub the oil to warm it before applying it on the skin of your loved one. 

3. Consider Using Aromatherapy 

 Add 2 to 3 drops of authentic essential oil such as sandalwood, chamomile or lavender to the oil you are using for added relaxing and comforting touch. In addition to that, you also want to try essential oils that have healing properties like tea tree oil, that can prevent infection and kill bacteria, or the eucalyptus oil that can relieve joint and muscle pain. 

Tips for an Actual Back Massage Therapy 

The person you are giving the massage must be lying flat, face down on a comfortable surface (a carpeted floor or firm mattress), with arms down on the sides, have the head turn to one side. Putting a small rolled towel or a pillow under the shoulder she’s facing can definitely ease tension on her neck. 

Kneeling or standing over the person you are massaging is one way to give the massage therapy in order for you to add enough pressure through your body weight, with lesser effort exerted. Begin by putting a coin-sized drop of oil in your palm and rub both of your hands to warm it up. Massage back of your loved one using the technique known as effleurage long, fluid strokes. To know more techniques on how to get a relaxing massage, visit a professional massage envy Clarksville TN near you. 

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